Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Painless Lansley for Full Body Brazilian Bikini Face Legs Eyebrow Aloe at Home Waxing Beads 1lb Large Refill for Women Men



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Product Description

waxing kitwaxing kit

wax kitwax kit

hard wax kithard wax kit

Lansley Waxing

Lansley focuses on wax research, summarizing the characteristics of many products and what consumers really need to conduct research. Whether it’s our own products or other products in the same industry, we will test and compare them. So far, we have developed wax beans suitable for many waxing people. We achieved a record of one month’s basic zero bad comment. This is the affirmation of many waxing people and the result of our efforts. Thank you for your support and understanding of Lansley.

Lansley Aloe Wax Beans

Lansley has improved the brand’s all-wax beans by summarizing the demands of many waxing people to realize the development of multi-functional wax beads. Whether it is rough or fine hair, it can be perfectly removed. It still uses natural materials. It has the characteristics of low temperature and slow cooling. It can be applied back and forth to remove the hair and refuse cracks and quick-drying of the enamel. It is a lucky star for waxing beginners.

New Hard Wax Beans – Whether you need to remove fine or rough hair, this wax beans can satisfy. And it is very suitable for waxing large areas, such as: legs, arms and men’s back;

Non-irritating Hard Wax – Suitable for all skin types, easy to use, Aloe has a certain moisturizing effect, reducing the damage caused to the skin, removing hair from the roots, and not reddening;

Easy-to-use Hard Wax Beads – Strong fluidity, easy to apply back and forth, low viscosity, painless and not rough skin, which meets the needs of many waxers.

Ideal Wax Beans – A bag of wax beads for hair removal can be used in multiple areas, reducing the time and money of choice;

Instead of mounting Wax: Aloe hair removal waxs can be compatible with different wax warmer to reduce consumption waste; instead of salon, waxing at home, convenient and fast;

waxing kit for womenwaxing kit for women

Little knowledge about wax:

1. Why is the wax too sticky?

You don’t melt the wax at the maximum temperature of the wax warmer, causing the melting time to be long and sticky. Usually, the temperature is too cold, which may make it impossible to stir or difficult to stir. It is recommended that you reheat until the honey is thick, otherwise it will affect the hair removal effect.

2. Why is the wax broken?

If the wax coating is too thin or the wax stays on the skin for too long, it will cause breakage. Therefore, it is recommended that you paint the thick wax and grasp the rhythm of the wax melting. The wax will be peeled off immediately after hardening on the skin.

3. Why can’t wax remove the hair?

A: The heating wax beans hair removal is not used at the maximum temperature, so the wax has not yet reached the thick shape of the honey, and the temperature is still slightly cold; B: You don’t pay attention to the temperature of the wax for hair removal when you apply it. If the temperature is too cold, you need to reheat it. It is recommended to keep the wax warm when waxing; C: Please apply according to the growth direction of the wax. If there are messy hairs, repeat the waxing step to remove it;

4. Why is there a residue when tearing off the wax?

The edge residue is caused by the fact that when you apply it, the edges are too thin and do not match the internal pressure. When there is residue, use the torn wax to press the residual wax to remove it.

5. Why can’t the wax tear?

Please note that this is not because the wax is too sticky, because the wax is not completely hardened and still has fluidity, please wait until it hardens.

home waxing kit for womenhome waxing kit for women

😍 Fuxing of Skin: Get rid of the high viscosity of the wax, reduce the pain when waxing. Aloe material has a calming effect on the skin, and the natural material that is harmless to the skin is suitable for any skin type;
😍 Ideal Lansley Wax Beads: It is suitable for people fine hair and coarse hair, enhances the grip on the hair, and lasts for a long time. You can use it on the legs, arms, bikini, chest, back and underarms. It enjoys 3 to 5 weeks of hairless effect;
😍 Stop Paying Expensive Salons and Time: You can easily remove hair at home all the time. With Lansley 1LB waxing beans, you can reduce the cost of going to the salon more than 30 times, and it can be compatible with any wax warmer, so it is more convenient and quicker;
😍 Sincere commitment: 100% customer service, if you do not like Lansley Aloe Hard Wax or any problems with the product, please contact us by email, we will give you a full refund and solve the problem for you, no There will be any problems, please rest assured!

Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Painless Lansley for Full Body Brazilian Bikini Face Legs Eyebrow Aloe at Home Waxing Beads 1lb Large Refill for Women Men